The alternator is a current generator for the vehicle’s electric system. Together with the power steering pump it is usually integrated in the engine’s belt drive, and is driven by the engine.The task of the alternator is to provide sufficient electrical energy for all the consumers in the vehicle, as well as for the engine, during operation (ignition, injection system, electronics, lighting), and to charge the battery during driving.The alternator produces electrical energy according to the electromagnetic induction principle. With this, an electrical conductor loop moves through the field lines of a magnetic field. These days, new vehicles are almost always equipped with three-phase alternators, which generate a three-phase alternating current that is commutated by the power diodes.

  • recycling of valuable used parts
  • same quality requirements as for new parts
  • remanufactoring by certified suppliers to “Bosch standard”
  • more than 1,000 alternators and starters in the range
  • no core exchange required
  • mainly new parts
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