94 part case set enables reliable signal pick-up

Mechatronic technicians know how time-consuming it can be searching for faults on electrical vehicle segments like the lambda sensor or camshaft sensor, etc. The comprehensive TesTip set offers a range of practical aids here to make searching for faults and measuring in general considerably faster.

On the one hand, this is achieved with the various adapters (measuring lines). On the other, it also means polarity testers, e.g. for checking Hall sensors or for determining plus or earth-controlled injectors. In addition, the case set has measuring potentiometers for testing among others temperature sensors, fuel sensors or throttle valve position sensors. A measuring resistor for testing the airbag circuits is also included in the set. The case of course includes all the usual plugs and plug sleeves along with a measuring bridge which enables access to the circuit without risking damage to the seals.

The complete equipment in the set stretches from crocodile clips and probes and needles to extension cables with banana connectors of various sizes.
In short, using the TesTip set, voltages can be tapped much more easily, i.e. the signal is picked up more easily and reliably via direct contact. TesTip is also an all-round quick help package for saving time in the workshop.

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   Measuring line, multimeter
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